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Common Causes of Broken Garage Door Springs and Why You Should Hire a Professional to Replace Them

Are you finding it difficult to roll up your garage door, or you're unable to open it smoothly and automatically? You'd better check if it's still working properly. If your garage door snaps and gets jammed when rolling, one possible issue is that the garage door springs have broken. Springs help in the smooth and easy opening of the door. Each time you open or close the door, these springs ensure that it's light enough for you to operate. If the springs are broken, operating the door is difficult, and it's also a danger to you and your family.


Without the spring's help to carry the door's heavy weight, it may fall fast and suddenly, sometimes even causing injuries. Therefore, you need a broken spring replacement to ensure a safe and effective working of your garage door.


Causes of Garage Door Springs Breakage : 


  • Low-Quality Garage Door Springs


I know these are tough economic times, and everyone is looking for ways through which they can save a little bit more. But, there are some situations which you shouldn't compromise on. One such situation is when it comes to garage door installation. One huge mistake homeowners make is going for cheap, poor quality springs with the intention of saving money. However, as time goes by, this can prove to be even more costly. A low-quality spring won't be able to withstand the door's heavy weight, and this means they'll break.


  • General Wear and Tear


As with anything, garage door springs may experience wear and tear as time goes by. Especially with the kind of pressure they're in due to the door's weight, these springs may have lasted their time, gotten worn out and now they're broken. What most garage door owners don't even know is that their springs have a cycle life. On average, they have a cycle life of about 10,000 cycles. What do we mean by a cycle? A cycle is covered when you open and close the door once. If you're an active door user and you make 10 cycles in a day, then you're likely to replace the springs sooner than a person who makes 2 cycles in a day.


  • Rust


This is another thing that can cause your garage door springs to break. The springs are made from metal, and if your area is prone to high humidity, then they'll be susceptible to rust. Rust is a very dangerous element and it can eat away the springs and significantly reduce their performance. If the rust is unnoticed, it may continue eating away your springs to the point that they snap and break. That's why it's recommended that you keep an eye on your springs and oil them regularly to prevent rust.

Why You Should Hire Professional Broken Spring Replacement : 


One reason why you should hire a garage door repair professional to replace your garage door springs is to ensure your own safety. A garage door is heavy, and the springs are under high tension. Any miscalculation can result in fatal injuries. The second reason is that they have the tools needed to do the job fast, saving you both money and time. Also, professionals have worked on a wide range of broken spring replacement tasks and thus, they have the knowledge and experience to offer high-quality services. They may even offer valuable advice on how to maintain your springs.


Having well-functioning springs enables easy opening and closing by the garage door opener. If you have broken springs, get a trusted and reliable garage door professional to help you replace them. A bonus tip I would like to check if your garage door is insulated. Garage door insulation has lots of benefits like a quieter operation, energy efficiency, and overall increased garage door durability. Therefore, insulate your door so that you don't lose on these wonderful benefits.

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