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Causes of Off-Track Doors and How a Professional Can Get it Back On-Track

Have you tried opening or closing the garage door and it suddenly goes off track? Finding out that you have an off-track garage door may be very frustrating. This situation can make the garage unusable, and leave your home unsecured. Also, a detached door is dangerous because it may fall on your car or even on someone and cause fatal injuries. To secure your home and get rid of the risk of falling on someone, contact garage door repair professionals to repair your off-track garage door. These professionals are well-trained in all matters concerning garage door repair and can fix off-track doors to ensure they're functioning well again.


Causes of Off-Track Doors


Hitting by a Car or Other Equipment


One common reason why garage doors go off track is after they have been hit by a car or other tools such as a lawnmower. For instance, you may be late for work and in a hurry to get your out of the garage and bump onto the garage door. Also, you may be distracted while moving lawn equipment in the garage and accidentally hit the door making it go off track. And, don't think that it's only a powerful force which can lead to an off-track door. Even a low-speed light tap on the door can cause damages. If you have hit the door and it has gone off-track, contact a professional to repair it.


Garage Door Track Misalignment


During the garage door installation, the installer may have aligned the tracks incorrectly. For the door to work smoothly, the tracks should be parallel to the vertical rails. If they were not kept parallel during the installation, then a garage door may wobble and jump off the tracks. Also, there some unscrupulous garage door installers who may install low-quality, cheap tracks on your garage. These tracks can warp and bend as time goes by, resulting in an off-track door.


Wearing Out of the Rollers


With continuous use of the garage door, the rollers may suffer general wear and tear. They wear out and break, sometimes coming out of the track. If this situation happens, then the garage door will eventually go off-track. If one day you notice that one roller is broken, worn out or missing, get a garage repair professional to inspect your garage and replace any of the missing rollers. This way, the door weight's won't put excessive pressure on the remaining rollers and thus, the door won't go off-track.


Other causes of off-track doors:


• Broken cable

• Obstructions in the track

• Damaged springs

• Unbalanced garage doors

Off Track Garage Door Repair


If you have an off-track door, don't try operating it either manually or using the garage door opener. It's very risky because it can come done suddenly hurting you and you may end up causing more damages. It's recommended that you secure the area and call a professional to repair it. Once you call in the professional, he will come and diagnose the cause. After that, he will come up with a solution to solve the problem. If the tracks were not aligned properly, he will make a proper alignment. If some of the rollers are worn out, he will replace them. If there are any obstructions in the track, he will get rid of these obstructions safely and lubricate. A garage professional is knowledgeable and experienced to formulate a solution depending on the cause of an off-track door.


With an off-track door, you can't get your car in or out of the garage. Also, it leaves your home vulnerable to burglars and unwanted visitors. Call in a garage door repair company to get the door on track and ensure it's in good working condition. And to extend the life of your door, get garage door insulation. Insulating your door increases its longevity, enhances a quieter operation, and boosts energy efficiency in your home.

Off Track Garage Door Repair
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