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5 FAQ'S when Purchasing a Garage Door

Buying a new garage door might seem a bit of a daunting prospect if you don't know what boxes to cross in the checklist. This is where the following FAQ can come in handy. Your selection procedure gets simplified, which in turn helps you make an informed choice.

Speaking from a practical standpoint, two single garage doors may be a better option because even if one opener malfunctions, entry, and exit would still remain possible. But the aesthetical aspect is a different ball game. Here the choice is entirely yours to make. Are two single doors more in sync with the aesthetics of your house or does a double door do justice to the architectural quotient?

Whether insulation is necessary or not depends on how frequently you use your garage and its location. Adding insulation can be a smart choice for an attached garage because it keeps the internal temperature consistent. Also, the ambient temperature inside the garage affects the temperature of adjoining indoor spaces, thus making insulation a great way to balance energy expenditure. If, however, your garage is a detached space that is not used for anything other than parking or storage, then insulation may not be a necessity.

There are two options available viz torsion and extension. A torsion spring system concentrates the weight of the door in the center of the frame, thus rendering smoother functioning. So, if your garage has 12 inches of headroom above the garage door frame, then a torsion spring system is what you need to go for. But in the event that there is a lack of space above the door for torsion hardware, opt for extension springs. Extension hardware has 2 independently operating coil springs that sit above the horizontal tracks of the garage door. Though it is not as efficient as torsion hardware, it certainly is a bit more affordable.

Windows offer security and additional natural light. They can bring in extra daylight in the absence of other windows and help you identify passer-by and visitors from the garage itself. Ultimately though, the decision rests on your aesthetic sensibilities.

On average, most garage doors clock twenty years. This, however, is dependent on the quality of parts as well as the regularity of maintenance. Routine cleaning, component replacement, and lubrication will ensure that a door stays well. Torsion springs are rated for 20,000 cycles while extension springs are rated for half that amount. You will need to replace springs before the door, depending on how often you use your door.

Whatever be the kind of garage door you set your mind on, we at United Garage Door Repair, offer you a fair deal and a lifetime of efficient service. We pride ourselves on our expertise and excellent customer care. Contact us and let us help you keep your garage door related woes at bay.

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