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5 Quick Ways to Troubleshoot A Faulty Garage Door

Garage doors are a significant element of any family house as they offer security and convenience for the vehicles and family members. However, with every mechanical product, technical difficulties are bound to arise. We all know that it gets frustrating when our automatic garage doors get faulty or not responsive at all. However, approaching a technician without even having a proper look is not a good decision if you desire to save some money and also desire to be self-sufficient. Below mentioned are some quick ways which can be used to fix a faulty garage door.

1. Easily fix that unresponsive remote

Mostly the culprit behind a faulty garage door is an unresponsive remote and solving the difficulty can be as easy as replacing a set of batteries. Like any other faulty remote, you are just required to get a fresh set of remote batteries in there. Also, it is prudent to mention that the remote should be in range while pressing the buttons in order for it to function.  

2. No proper alignment of the garage door

This is one important defect which should not be overseen. As a user, you should be careful that the garage door is placed on the proper track to make sure that it operates efficiently. Gaps between rollers or the tracking rail can be a harmful defect and whenever you spot that, its best to call for a professional.

3. Garage door won’t close fully

In this situation look for the limit switch which is known as the adjustable switch that oversees how far the door should be lower in order to close accurately. The correct way is to adjust the screw on the motor which handles the increase and the decrease of the door.

4. The door closes but comes back up instantly

The mechanism of a garage instructs it to come upon any obstruction. If something is stuck in the tracking brackets like a pebble or any small object which intrudes the proper closure then the garage door is sure to come up. It’s best to reset the opening and closing limits of the garage door in order to get rid of any non-visible obstruction.

5. Unwanted noise from the door

The reason behind this could be a broken spring, unbalanced doors, poor lubrication, loose nuts, improper installation, bent tracks, loose chain and poor insulation. If it gets difficult to fix then make a direct call to an expert.

Hopefully, these solutions are sure to help you out in fixing that faulty garage door. If you can’t, the best step you can follow is to hire a reputable garage door technician like United Garage Door Repair to come to your humble abode in St. Louis and inspect your garage door.

You can connect with us for any kind of garage door opener repair, efficient installation, maintenance and broken spring repair. We fully understand your requirements and promise to offer you the best cost-effective solution.  

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