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5 Reasons for Installing a New Garage Door Opener Makes Life Better

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

When it comes to your garage, you must know that electric garage door openers are an absolute convenient home feature to have for your garage. But with time, they become old and noisy, making you the neighbor with the noisy and disturbing garage door. Older garage door openers are developed with huge, noisy components, while the newer models use much quieter belts and offer more capabilities and conveniences that you probably don’t know about.

For your convenience we have detailed 5 reasons how installing a new garage door opener can make life better:

Old garage door openers can become frustrating at times, especially, if your vehicle gets stuck inside the garage due to a power outage. Fortunately, replacing the old garage door openers with the new ones comes with the added advantage of a backup battery. This battery can enable you to easily open and close the garage door for numerous cycles during a power outage. This definitely offers peace of mind.

When it comes to safety, modern garage door openers come with advanced safety features. Like for instance, they have the feature of auto-reversal mechanism. This technology includes laser sensors that detect if there is an individual or an object in the path of the closing garage door and trigger it to reverse. This makes sure that no person or object is crushed by accident.

These new garage door openers are much quiet as compared to those old noisy garage door openers. They use rubber belts reinforced with metal fibers, similar to a car tire, that operate much quieter. They also contain a vibration isolator system that includes rubber in between the opener motor and the metal brackets holding it to the ceiling to further lessen the noise. This can definitely make your life better if the garage door is near your living room or bedroom.

Old garage door openers had a manual operation. So, you’d require a key to open the door from the outside. These new garage door openers feature keypads that require a simple programmable code for entry. This lets you offer access to people, even when you aren’t back home.

Most traditional garage door openers hang from the ceiling. Modern wall-mount openers free up ceiling space for additional storage. And also, since they are not mounted to the ceiling, people residing in living areas above the garage won’t feel the vibration of an operating garage door opener. Thus, purchasing a new garage door opener is definitely a smart choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your New Garage Door Openers into action. Get in touch with us at United Garage Door Repair and hire our professional engineers to give your garage doors some much-needed care! Our professional can take care of all aspects of your garage door opener installation. Let us give you and your garage doors a new lease on life.

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