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5 Reasons You Need Insulated Garage Doors In St Louis

Replacing garage doors is an easy way to update your house. It is also one of the most valuable renovations you can make.

However, do you know what an insulated garage door is, and what can it do for your home?

If not, then read on to discover 5 reasons why you need insulated garage doors in St Louis.

1. Garage door insulation saves substantial energy.

Most energy saving tips focus on the interior of your house, and it also makes sense! But do you know that getting insulation done and using energy efficient windows, and better heating systems can lessen your energy bills?

Uninsulated garages transfer cold air to the adjoining rooms. They also draw cold air in your home through small gaps in the door. So, adding insulation to your garage door can help save energy by balancing the temperature in your garage.  

2. Insulation makes garage doors more durable.

Another advantage of insulated garage doors is additional durability. Insulated garage doors are built differently which makes them stronger and more durable as compared to non-insulated ones. The frame of an insulated door is made with a steel or aluminium frame and is filled with solid-core insulation, which is then pressed in between single or dual steel panels. This way of construction creates a lightweight, energy efficient door which does not suffer from dents easily.

3. Insulated garage doors are not noisy.

An insulated garage door tends to be quieter than an uninsulated garage door. Although noise is not a very eminent factor, but still, it is an additional advantage of an insulated door. These doors tend to create less noise because they’re tightly constructed as compared to other doors. Also, as they are often heavier so they are also less likely to jolt or vibrate on the track.

4. Insulation allows you to protect your cars and belongings.

Insulated garage doors also help you to protect your cars and other belongings from extreme weather conditions. So, if you own an insulated garage door in St Loius, you can safeguard your car from some of the conditions like:

● Shorter battery life or dead batteries

● Thickened transmission, engine, and brake fluids

● Low air pressure in tires

● Unreliable spark plugs and wiring

5. Insulated garage doors will make your garage more convenient.

Many people here in Missouri utilise their garages for more than only parking their cars. So if you too use your garage for daily workouts, hobbies or any other purpose, then fixing an insulated garage door in St Louis will help you keep yourself warmer even in chilling cold climates.

Do you live in St Louis? Convinced that you need an insulated garage door for your garage? Then the United Garage Door Repair is here for your help. All you need to do is call us and we'll be at your place soon!

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