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Best Things to Do in St Louis, MO

Visiting St Louis can be fun as it offers many things to do. So, ensure you plan your trip on time to have time to visit many places. The town features a wide collection of attraction sites for you to create unforgettable memories. Learn more here.

Visit the Museum at the Gateway Arch

This museum was previously known as the Museum of Westward Expansion. This is one of the top places to visit in St Louis, MO. The practice museum, the first update to the museum since the gateway arch, was opened in 1965. You will have a chance to learn many things about the colonial St Louis via the competition to construct the arch. The museum features numerous interactive elements and things to come across. Learn more about Places to take children in St Louis, MO.

St Louis Zoo

This zoo is one of the best animal homes in the US. This is where you will come across polar bears as they enjoy fancy digs with glass viewing walls of a pool where the polar bears frolic.

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