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Common DIY Garage Door Installation Pitfalls

Common DIY garage door installation pitfalls

The Do-It-Yourself methods are trending on the internet and has managed to find a large number of the internet population to do it themselves. What is better than making something out of what you already have than invest in a new one? While, DIY is widely encouraged and pursued, when it comes to garage door installation, you might want to keep a bay from some red flags. This is definitely not something you must try to tackle on your own.

Common mistakes you should keep away from- garage door installation

Trying to DIY install your garage door will prove to be more expensive than hiring professional help. While DIYs, in general, are satisfying, this door installation can leave with nothing but frustration and lack of competence. Hiring professional help is way pocket-friendly and hassle-free compared to DIY installation. Having said that, some take it in their pride to accomplish things themselves and might make these common mistakes which can be dangerous:

1. The improper layout of door and opener

A common mistake that DIY-rangers might come across is placing the opener slightly off the center over the door thinking it will not affect their garage door at all. As automatic garage doors need that proper alignment to function efficiently and this might also twist your garage door while opening and closing. Even if you try to fix it, you will have to call for help so why not let the experts install?

2. Estimating garage space

Usually, people do their garage’s interior and then come to the installation of the door. Along with finishing up the interiors of the garage, you might also want to install lights and connections. We know how important the center alignment of the opener to the door is. While installing lights, you might fix some in the center where the opener goes creating more trouble for you. All the electrical wiring has to be changed, costing you time and effort and money.

3. Nails instead of Screws

To cut your budget, some might even use nails instead of screws to install the garage door. This can prove to be totally worthless as lag screws are the right way to install it. The usage and strain on the tracks will weigh down the nails resulting in collapsing of the door in its entirety. If you hire a professional, you can rest assured that your door is firm and intact.

4. Adjustment after installation

Professionals are equipped to make some critical adjustments after the installation to ensure the smooth functioning of the garage door. When you take up the task to do it, it will not be viable for you to adjust the door after installation and check if it’s working. Proper knowledge and insight are mandatory for garage door installation.

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