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Garage Door Safety Tips

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Having a garage attached to your house in today’s time is very significant, with the extra storage and covered parking for your vehicle, things become really suitable. While having a garage is a delightful addition to the house, a garage door can be a huge safety concern when proper garage door safety is not adhered to. Maintaining a garage door in correct working condition will not only secure the insides of your garage, and your household, but will also keep the members of the family safe and protected. We have detailed some effective safety ideas that you can follow while using garage doors:

Regularly change the standard codes on the garage door opener and remotes, to improve the security from the unwelcome opening of the garage door. Another choice is to get a rolling code that changes the access code each time it is used.

The majority of the garage doors are contingent on the sensors for functioning. Sensors are black boxes situated at the bottom, sometimes with a small red light. You’ll understand if the sensors aren’t accurately associated because the door will refuse to function, but even if they are functioning, it’s always ideal to check them every now and then.

If your garage door has the Auto-Reverse purpose, make sure to check it regularly so that it works well. Placing a roll of paper towels in the door’s path is a simple means to check and make sure the feature is operating correctly.

The cables of your garage door are under a lot of pressure due to the fact that they are under an electrifying amount of tension due to being lifted up and down repeatedly. Additionally, these cables are also very forceful and it is absolutely prudent to keep them in flawless working condition at all times. Therefore, in case you detect any wear and tear make sure you connect with a professional locksmith to get that fixed.

It is a detail that the garage doors move up and down nearly a thousand times a year. That is a lot of practice, thus, with time and function, it can loosen up the hardware. Search for and also tighten up all the roller brackets and also screws with the support of an outlet wrench. Also, make sure to look at the joints as well as stiffen them 1-2 times each year for improved functioning.

Since the garage door is often the largest and the heaviest moving object in the house, it is crucial to keep the garage door remote controls out of the hands of the children. The best practice is to mount the garage door opener control button at least five feet from the floor. At this height, it will definitely be inaccessible to children and you’ll have a clear view of the garage door.

While the above mentioned few tips make sure that your garage doors are healthy and in perfect working condition, you must also consider conducting annual inspections by professional locksmiths to make sure that your garage doors are tuned efficiently.

If you ever require your garage doors to be checked, inspected, or repaired, make sure you choose the best locksmith out there. We at United Garage Door Repair will ensure that you get a team of well-trained and experienced professionals to repair your garage doors regularly. You can rest assured that we adopt all the latest methods of making sure that the doors are in perfect working condition. Contact us now if you have any issues related to your garage doors.

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