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Garage Door Won’t Open? The Most Common Reasons Why

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Garage doors are a quintessential asset of every home. We often take their seamlessness for granted. In this evolving world, we expect everything at the push of a button. Even in the case of a garage door, over two hundred pounds is lifted merely by pressing a button, thereby proving to be an embodiment of comfort.

Since it is such an integral part of our daily routine as well, the real trouble arises when this asset stops functioning altogether. The non-functioning of this embodiment of comfort can have dire consequences. Not only does it restrict movement and access to cars and expensive equipment like mowers and gym equipment, but since it is the biggest door to one's house, it also poses various security concerns.

A few common causes which highlight why a garage door may be broken include-

Garage doors have the common propensity of misaligning from the tracks and grooves that hold the door. Even though it is fairly simple to fix the same, due care must be given to the fact that the door should not be forced open. Otherwise, many times the repair job can cost manifold times of what it originally would have costed.

There are a lot of complex and sophisticated parts in a garage. Over repeated usage of any appliance, there is wear and tear; a garage is no exception to this. Rollers, springs, hinges, and all other components of a garage door must be timely inspected. There may be rust on the components, or certain parts may start getting loose. At times, cracks may also be noticed on rollers. To ensure that a circumstance wherein the garage door stops functioning altogether, it is imperative to not ignore the well-being of a garage door as the same can have catastrophic results.

Since 1993, photo eyes have been legally required on garage doors. They are basically sensors that are on the lower part of garage doors. They ensure that no object is coming in its way. In case these photo eyes sense movement such a pet running or a stationary object like a car, the doors automatically roll back up. The sensor can be affected by rust, dust, corrosion, or may even fall off. Tending to such a situation may entail replacement, in-depth cleaning, or fixing the sensor itself.

Ultimately, attachments to the garage door, such as springs, have a limited lifetime. They are constantly in use and will have to be replaced after wear and tear. Due attention and inspection of such parts is a must so that a user is not caught by surprise. Further, since these springs have an immense amount of tension built up, one has to be very careful whilst undertaking repair jobs. Professional repairs in such cases are advisable as grievous harm may be caused due to an individual.

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