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Helpful Tips to Prevent Winter Damages for Your Garage

During winters, breezy winds, freezing temperatures, and snowfall can often lead to damages to the garage doors creating a barrier to your house if you’re not well prepared. Garage doors are often neglected when individuals are diligently tuning up their furnaces or cleaning the driveway or sidewalk. Since winters are very unpredictable it is your humble duty to not let winter conditions affect the suitability and operation of your garage door. Taking precautionary steps will offer you protection from long-term weather damage, offer you comfortability and also efficiently lower your utility bills.

Below listed are some of the tips which you can consider to protect your garage from winter damages:

Clear the area before leaving

It is time to pack away those summer sporting equipments or gardening tools. In order to prepare yourself, you need to invest in huge plastic bins or effective utility shelves to organize your items in a better manner. This way with the help of some extra room you can easily park your car in a warm garage instead of parking it in the snowy driveway.

Dodge the collection of snow

If you observe that a lot of snow is collecting in front of your garage door, then it is your duty to get it cleared. Too much of snow in front of the garage can cause a dent and also lead to difficulty in opening. Also, the snow debris can cause damage to the garage door threshold, leading to a decrease in the efficiency of the garage door.

Plow diligently

Make sure to instruct your plowing service to leave space in front of the garage door so that the accumulated snow doesn’t cause any damage to the garage door. Also, make sure that you clear away the ice which can serious damage to the operation of the garage door.

Cover your garage pipes

If your garage has water pipes running through, then it is best to get them covered using foam pipe wraps specially designed to add insulation to protect them from cold temperatures outside. For outside pipes, it is best to shut them before winter hits so that you can save them from freezing. It would also be prudent to get an insulation cover if you have a water heater in your garage.

Replace the old garage door with a weather-resistant garage door

These modern and efficiently designed weather-resistant garage doors have the ability to endure the severe winter conditions. They can operate for longer terms and also empower the homeowners to avoid other expensive repairs that come with cost-effective alternatives. You can also lubricate your garage door opener rollers and springs so that they open smoothly.

All these easy steps can be done in just a matter of a few days, but the advantages will last for the entire season. If you are searching for more information or require help with your garage door repairs and services as you start getting your garage equipped for winters, connect with United Garage Door Repairs to explore all the ways we can benefit you.

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