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How to Fix a Dented Garage Door

The biggest blunder one can make to seriously impair the kerb appeal of your house is to not repair your garage doors. While you may believe that dented garage doors are not huge issues, they are both a security risk and a huge blow to the aesthetics of your home.

Homebuyers are going to think of two things when they see a dented garage door, first that the house is unkempt and needs multiple repairs and second that the same is not secure and may be prone to risks. So, go and repairs those dents right now! Here are some methods you can try at home:

Repairing really small dents are nothing to be worried about. You probably already have the material and tools required to fix a dent that small at home. You can choose this method if you have the material lying around in the house for this.

Material: A wooden block, patching material, paint, rubber mallet, putty knife, fine-grit sandpaper, and primer

a) First, make sure you clean the area with warm water and detergent and allow it to dry

b) Then you place the wood block over the dent and tap it with the mallet. Now even the dent. Sand the area to even it out further.

c) Employ patching material to cover the dented area and fix it even using the putty knife. When it dries, sand it down again.

d) Lastly to solidify it apply the primer and when it dries, apply paint of your choice.

For this, you’ll need the following: A heat source, Compressed air, and aluminum foil

a) As said before, wash the area with warm water and detergent. Now allow it to dry fully.

b) Next cut a strip of foil and place the strip of aluminum foil over the dent.

c) Employ the heat source on it so that the foil is evenly heated up.

d) After a minute or two, make sure you remove the foil.

e) Lastly, spray the dent with the compressed air upside down for about 30 seconds.

While the above steps may work upon small and less stubborn dents if you feel that the dent is big and these methods might not be enough to even it out make sure you call a professional to do the job. This is also a suggestion from us when it seems that you are confused about which of the above methods to use. See, when confused call a professional.

While dents in your garage door are small issues, but they can lead to larger problems. This is why we have a team of trained experienced professionals who are committed to helping you in times like these.

At, United Garage Doors we provide you with the best and prompt service available in the market. You can rely on us completely. If you have anything that you’d like repaired or fixed when it comes to garage doors, you must contact us.

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