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How to Repair Garage Door Dents?

When someone visits you, the first thing that appears out is always your garage door, so if there’s a dent, it surely is going to stand out and it is your duty to fix it quick. It is a very frustrating situation to get stuck in if your garage door hinders your daily routine or fails to operate. Steel or aluminum doors are probably maintenance-free but they get dents easily. Some of the reasons for the easily caused dents often include children using the garage door as a tennis partner or as a soccer goal which often leads to the search for a new panel for the garage door.

Dents on the garage doors occur quite frequently and lucky for you, there’s a simple fix and it doesn’t require you to be an expert around tools. It is prudent to deal with a dented door sooner rather than later. Other than contacting a professional to fix the dent, you can also undertake simple steps to fix the problem effectively.

Repairing a Steel Garage Door Dent

They are a little tricky to fix and require a little more effort as compared to an aluminum garage door. Start by thoroughly cleaning and removing the stuck dirt, next when the dented area is dry and spotless, you need to use sandpaper and sand the dent along with wiping the dust away. After this step, use a putty knife to evenly apply a compound material to the dented area. After the compound material has dried, use a grit of sandpaper to evenly smoothen the area and then use primer and paint the area to precisely match the original color of the garage door.

Repairing an Aluminium Garage Door Dent

This is the easiest to fix with the help of just a few easy tools. With the fixing process, you first need a bucket of lukewarm water with a drop of dish soap, stirred evenly. Apply the soapy water on the area with the dent and scrub it to get rid of the debris. After the area is dry, cut a piece of tin foil and place it over the dent. Next, apply the lighter flame over the foil until the heat gets transmitted to the dented area. The purpose of the tin foil is to protect your garage door from the scorch marks. After the heat gets transmitted, remove the foil and spray condensed air evenly across the area. You’ll observe that the dent comes back to its reverse position due to the temperature change and the molecular structure of the aluminum.

Taking care of your garage door

It is significant to take care of the dust or the dents on your garage door to avoid running into expensive difficulties or repairs down the road. To get more information or if your garage door has gone through other severe dents, then it’s best to connect with United Garage Door Repair where we have experts who have the ability to fix any garage-related problem and get back to you that day itself.

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