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Must See St Louis, MO Attractions for Family

St Louis, MO, is not only known for art, adventure, and history, even though these three things ranks the top on what to do. There are numerous things to do with a family in this great city. See more here.

The Magic House

The magic house hosts some unique displays that feature denial tiger, Clifford, the big red dog, and dinosaur. Children will enjoy this awarding-winning kid’s museum, which is situated on the outskirts of the town. Practical exhibits such as three-story beanstalk. See here for information about Best Hotels that Offer Perfect Lodging in St Louis, MO.

Museum of Transportation

From streetcars to horse-drawn carriage, the museum of transportation narrates the story of an individual moving from one place to another. Children can learn to climb around airplanes, old trains, and boats.

Tower Grove Park

The park is an ideal place to visit on sunny and warm days with your family. Tower Grove Park features playgrounds, horseshoes, wading pools, biking trails, tennis, walking trails, carriage rides, and ball fields.

Forest Park

Forest Park is a must-visit attraction site for families who plan to visit St Louis, MO. It is one of the biggest urban parks in the US. The park is full of children-friendly fun activities.

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