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Tips to Fix a Loud Garage Door

There is no denying in the fact that when you operate your garage door, it is bound to make noises – it is a machine after all. However, when your garage door starts getting loud enough to wake the living and the dead, then it is a definite sign that you need to work on fixing it – and soon!

If you are plagued with a loud garage door and are scratching your brains looking for a solution to make all the noise go away, then you can thank your lucky stars since we will be bringing to you all the top tips that you can use to fix a loud garage door! So, whip out your notebooks and pens and start taking notes!

Tighten the Bolts and Nuts

More often than not, it is the loose bolts and nuts which are responsible for all the unnecessary noise and creaks coming from your garage door. Usually with the changing weather and fluctuating temperatures, the bolts and nuts in your garage door are prone to getting loosened up. So, grab your wrench and start working on the bolts and nuts!

Inspect the rollers of your garage door

Another reason why your garage door is so loud is that there could be something stuck in the roller of your garage door. A typical garage door has either five or six rollers on either side of it which are responsible for the smooth working of your garage door. Sometimes, these rollers may get worn with time or have some debris or little rocks which may get stuck in it which may hamper the smooth working of your garage door.

Oil and lubricate your garage door

Lubricating and oiling is perhaps the best remedy for loud garage doors. Usually one suffers from such creaks when there is a change in the weather – be it summer or winter. Many professionals involved in the business of repairing garage doors suggest that to ensure a proper and smooth working of your garage door, one must oil and lubricate their garage doors once in a year at least. This way, your garage door will be protected from the natural elements.

Contact professionals for help

This is usually a last resort when nothing of the above mentioned works – calling on the neighbourhood professional to help repair your garage door. It is recommended that before calling on the professionals for help, it is better that one does a proper research into the kind of services they offer and the fees they will charge.

If you are fed up of your loud garage door, then you should call a professional and reliable garage door service – and what better choice that the UNITED Garage Door Repair. The UNITED Garage Door Repair is your go to for all your garage door related woes! They are trustworthy, reliable and provide excellent services at great rates! So, call them anytime, they are always available 24 hours a day!

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