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Top 3 Garage Door Mishaps

A garage door is usually something that works automatically, is safe, and is beautiful from the outside. But, it's a 16-feet moving door. If not maintained properly, it can cause malfunction and can cause mishaps. And this could lead to certain accidents. Most of them aren't that costly. And you must always take the assistance of a professional in order to repair, install, and understand how to use it safely.

We have listed out the top 3 Garage Door Mishaps that happen frequently.

1. The Garage Door Closes On Your Car

What if you are simply leaving for work and taking your car out of the garage when the garage door falls on your car? You can only assume that not much damage has taken place. But in order to avoid such kinds of future mishaps, you must take certain precautions. It can be quite dangerous while you try to move it and get back to work. The tension springs are totally wound tight. And this would lead the door to be off its track.

2. Garage Door Not Closed Fully

This is a mishap that takes place frequently and takes place due to something that covers the sensors or eye in the door. You must check the sensors in order to ensure that nothing’s covering it. In case the above isn’t the problem, then it might be a problem of close-limit faulty switch that requires adjustment. What’s this switch for? It’s for controlling the up and the downward motion of the door. It ensures that the garage door doesn't close on anybody or anything. You can't just repair it on your own.

Some other reasons for this mishap could be eyes or safety sensors being out of alignment. The brackets that hold the sensors in place can easily move due to the vibration of the garage door that's not been adjusted or maintained correctly. Rusty or damaged rollers can also be the cause. So, in case of damaged or rusty rollers, you can simply lubricate the rollers once in a year to prevent further damage. You must try lubricating them with a silicone lubricant.

3. Garage Door Not Opening Fully

The first thing that you must do is to check the batteries in the remote. If replacing them doesn't solve the problem, then it might be the up-limit switch. The same problems that took place in case of the door not closing fully must be considered in this case as well.


And in order to help you with such kinds of problems and to ensure your safety at all times, you can simply contact United Garage Door Repair and back yourself up with the most effective solutions in the market!

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