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Top 3 Garage Doors Failures and Fixes

A garage is an integral part of a home and that being so, the significance of a fully functional garage door cannot be undermined. However, wear and tear are inevitable, given the fact that garage doors open and close at least a thousand times annually. If you have an electric garage door, the three main types of malfunction might be the following:

A garage door that opens partially, only to immediately reverse shut, might have an issue with the spring located at the top of the door. The solution may lie in a simple spring replacement. However, since garage springs are under a significant amount of tension, it is not advisable to try to remedy the problem yourself. You run the risk of sustaining potentially life-threatening injuries. The best course of action would be to call in a specialist.

In the event that a garage door fully opens, before reversing on its own, the issue might be with the photo- eye sensors which are at the bottom of the door's vertical track. Make sure to check for the blinking green light to ensure that each photo-eye is receiving power. If the units are on, check around each photo-eye for debris that may be obstructing the beam. If nothing is blocking the beam, measure the distance between the ground and the center of each photo-eye. If there is a difference in measurement between each unit, each photo-eye needs to be realigned so that the beam transmits effectively. If, attempts at realignment fail, do not hesitate to contact a specialist.

This is usually the main issue with garage-doors. But the good news is that this problem does have a simple solution. If your garage door has a chain/drive screw, re-lubricating these parts could reduce excess friction which might be preventing the door from opening. If you are using a remote opener, a set of new batteries should do the trick. But if you have a cable operated garage door, check the garage door light. If it does not blink, that means the unit is not receiving power. This implies that the breaker box needs to be checked to see if the switch has flipped. However, if you are unable to locate the source of power disruption, your best bet would be to call in the experts.

Lubrication issues or loose/worn parts are likely to cause unusual noises during operation. Cleaning and re-lubricating hardware and track joints can minimize noise. For a comprehensive inspection and a sure-fire solution, it is advisable to contact a garage door repair specialist.

Garage doors have multiple moving parts and all of them need to be shaped for unhindered and smooth operation. Our team of specialists at United Garage Door Repairs carry out on-site inspection and replacement of worn/damaged parts. Contact us for all your garage door related issues and enjoy the benefits of our efficient and expert services.

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