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Try These Spring Cleaning Tips for a More Functional Garage Space

We all think that most garages are just for cars, but in reality, they can all too easily transform into a home’s dumping area for empty paint tins, worn-out clothes, gym gear, things that are broken or that you just don’t want to deal with. Thus, it is essential to create a clear area in the garage so that it can be utilized for more useful purposes. A thorough spring cleaning can help to easily declutter your garage area, which too often becomes a dumping area for junk that constrains the ability to park inside.

We have detailed some garage spring cleaning tips so that your garage will be more functional, tidier, and cleaner space when you’re done.

Once all the unnecessary items are removed from the garage, it is best to begin sorting and organizing the items. This will enable you to better assess your content so you can decide what to retain and what to discard. It would be best to collect items that you plan to keep together: sports equipment, tools with tools, yard gear with garden tools. Make an effort to create a system of organization by preparing and labeling cabinets, bins, drawers, or boxes for better management.

Now that the garage is emptied out and properly planned, make sure all the windows and doors that open to the outside are opened up. This way you’ll be able to offer your musty garage an effective airing out now that all the clutter is gone. Decluttering of the garage helps in getting rid of stacked piles of junk that stop the airflow in the garage. Using a portable fan at one of the open windows will benefit in speeding up the airing out process.

If the area is an issue, use a pegboard with hooks for hanging your equipment. Most gardening tools have handles, so try to hang trowels and shovels on the wall to save the area and keep the items off the floor.

The garage door space can easily account for a huge percentage of your home’s front exterior, which can have a massive impact on the curb appeal. It is crucial to pay attention to your garage doorframe when spring cleaning. This may require basic scrubbing and hosing off the doorframe. Another effective option to consider that eliminates the requirement for garage doorframe maintenance is to have the doorframe wrapped with aluminum capping. This precisely adds a finished and clean look to the exterior of the house.

After properly dusting, reorganizing, and scrubbing, you’re going to require one final cleaning of the floor. With a damp mop, offer your floor a clean shine. Mix a solution and rub softly into the floors.

We at United Garage Door Repairs understand the issues one might face while deciding upon such key elements like the garage doors for their home. This is why we have a team of trained professionals with extensive experience who will make sure that you make the right choice. You can rest assured that we can take care of any issues you may have with your garage doors. So, if something about your garage doors is bothering you or you have any other related queries, make sure you contact us without thinking twice.

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