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What to do When You Lose Your Garage Door Remote

For thieves a Garage Door Remote is like a key to a treasure chest and they can do anything to lay their hands on it, hence one must be careful while handling a garage door remote. There can be instances when you come back home after a long day at the office and end up not finding your garage door remote. In this situation, there is no requirement to panic since there are numerous ways in which you can get your door to function again.

Some of the ideas which can empower you to secure your house and other belongings are listed below for your convenience.

Act instantly

We all understand that losing the garage door remote is a severe problem that’s why you need to act quickly and lose your mind. Acting proactive can help you be safe from thieves out there because the more you wait, the more you could become a victim of a dangerous burglary.

Inactivate the garage door opener

If you can’t find your remote control or you think it is stolen, then the primary step would be to unplug the door opener so that it can fetch you some time to look for the remote. After disconnection, you can open and close the garage door manually with ease. Additionally, if your set up has a keypad controller, then it also enables you to reformat it.

Don’t try to open it manually

Sometimes while manually opening the garage door, you might face serious injuries and can ultimately damage the functionality of the door. It is best you call for a professional to get the door checked.

Never use a single remote

It is always prudent to order for spare remotes for your garage door which you can store at a protected space or leave it with a trusted family member. This option can save you from spending your money on replacing or fixing the garage door.

Delete memory from the locks

Numerous modern garage door locks have a button which empowers the user to clear the memory and delete all codes which are set to open the doors. Removing the memory makes the lost remote unusable making it impossible for any third-party to enter your house without your permission. Look for the user manual to get more information.

If you do not remove the codes, and then later plug in the garage door opener, after a few months later, the stolen remote can again be used to open the garage. Thus, it is always best to remove all the data and set up new codes for the garage door.

Always remember to lock your doors and look out for your remote keys to avoid situations like these. For more essential information on handing a situation of a lost garage door remote, connect with United Garage Door Repair where we offer more convenient means to resolving locking problems and also professional services at a cost-effective price.

We promise to offer you with garage remotes that you can rely on!

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