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Things To Do in St Louis, MO

Visiting St Louis is always fun and offers the best experience. This is because the city offers the best attraction sites. It features many places to visit and things to do. Learn information about St Louis, MO here.

St Louis Art Museum

This is a great forest park attraction that offers free family Sunday programs and free tours. It features over 34,000 works of art, including a collection of sculptures, armor, decorative arts, and contemporary art. The St Louis Art Museum is a gem. Some of the major highlights include impressionist paintings, Picasso, Warholes, German art, and Georgia O'Keeffe's. Discover facts about Best Things to Do in St Louis, MO.

Keener Plaza

The downtown area in St Louis did not experience much growth until its latest makeover. Currently, it boasts two water features, a colorful playground, and free weekly sunrise yoga classes. It also features evening boot camps and lawn games and storytelling days. This place offers the best photo ops of the Gateway arch framing the old courthouse.

The Old Courthouse

The old courthouse is where Dred Scott sued for his freedom. Take a tour offered by the national park service ranger, or you can explore by yourself. This 19th-century structure is stunningly restored. Do not miss the exhibits on native Americans, colonial St Louis, and Lewis & Clark.

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